Laptop or Tablet for College Students – Which One To Buy

The evolution of sophisticated mobile electronic devices has made the life of students more comfortable. As technology advanced, the tech-savvy students began to search for devices that can aid them throughout the semester. The college students have a multitude of choices when they think to buy a mobile device for studies. Depending on the subject and type of work, the students prefer to use a laptop or tablet, which is tailored for their use.  Here is the answer to the question, laptop or tablet for college students.

As per the “back to school” survey of MarketWatch, the laptop stills rules the campus. The survey has found that more than 82% of college students love to work with a laptop, rather than any other device. Both the tablet and laptop have their own perks and downfalls.

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Laptop or Tablet for College Students? Why the Majority Go For Laptops?

A laptop is the go-to appliance for a college student, supports multifunction, such as write, read, or record notes. The student can also record the lecture and sync it directly with your notes. All the notes can be well organized and arranged in folders. The search function based on subject, date, or keywords, makes it easier for the students to find their notes. The students can connect a number of accessories through the USB ports. Moreover, in contrast to a tablet, the laptops allow the use of DVDs, USB drives, CDs, and Ethernet cords.

The ease of use and the availability of the full keyboard make it easy for the students to type the notes easily. The laptop can serve a wide range of uses, including the smooth working of coding and graphic design applications, which may be difficult to play in a tablet. During the back to school periods, the PC manufacturers will be offering high discounts and offer for their laptops. Moreover, laptops have widescreen and better speakers than tablets.

Laptop or Tablet for College Students

A note on tablets: Compared to laptops, tablets are lightweight devices, and portable. It can perform almost all the functions of a laptop but lacks memory. The use of the additional keyboard can make the typing task easy. However, this accessory can cost you more. A high-end tablet can break your budget. The touch-screen capabilities of a tablet can prove to be the blessing to those people who do not have a good typing speed. The handwriting recognition can help you to get the desired font, making it easy for you to read. You can also download a note-taking software to make your work more comfortable.

Verdict: Your selection of the device must depend on how you are going to use the machine. If you want to run a lot of programs and graphics-intensive games, then a laptop will be an ideal choice. On the other hand, if you are using it to take notes in class, then a tablet will be the best option.

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