Simple Tip – How to Measure Laptop Screen Size

While buying laptops, many of us see the specifications, and the thing that attracts us most is the size of the notebook. Most of us have this misunderstanding that the screen size and laptop size is the same thing. However, these two are entirely different things. The size of the laptop is different and larger than the size of the screen. Here we are going to show the simple way on how to measure laptop screen size.

Knowing about the size of the screen is crucial. There can be a time when your screen is damaged, and you have to replace it with a new one. So at that point while buying a new one you should know the size. Now the other practice that is seen among most of the people is they measure their screen but in a wrong way. Some take measure horizontally and some vertically. Both of them does not count as a screen size; they are screen width and height, not the size. To get the size of your laptop screen, you have to measure diagonally. Yes diagonally..!! Only then you will have the size of the screen.

If you want to measure the screen of your laptop here are some easy steps for you.

Easy Steps on How to Measure Laptop Screen Size

Step 1: Get the Standard Measuring Tape:

The very first step in measuring your screen is getting the standard measuring tape. The screen of the laptop is measured in inches, so make sure to get the measuring tape that measures in inches. You can also get other measuring tapes, but in that case, you have to convert the units into inches later on. So to avoid the calculations, get the inches tape.

Step 2: Inspect the viewable Screen:

The second and important step is to inspect the screen that you are going to measure. Inspecting does not mean to check if it is working or clean. However, to check that which area is viewable. You have to determine that which area of the screen illuminates and displays the information. Remember that, you cannot include the casing in that portion of the screen. You cannot measure the casing along the screen. Only displaying part is measurable.

How To Measure Laptop Screen Size

Step 3: Measure the Screen diagonally:

Now that you have already inspected the viewable area of a screen, next is to measure the screen. For that place, the measuring tape at one corner of the viewable screen and carefully measure it diagonally towards the opposite corner.

Step 4: Check your Measurements:

The last and important step is that once you have taken a measurement, you have to be sure that they are accurate. For that, you have to cross check again. You can do this by measuring the other diagonal corners of the screen. Since the screens of laptops are a rectangle, so measuring the screen both ways will give you the exactly same size. If by chance you get different readings, then you will have to measure again more accurately. Hope this guide would be useful and simple on how to measure the laptop screen size.


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