How to Check Laptop Temperature?

One of the most common issues faced by laptop owners all over the world is overheating. It is one of the problems caused when the fan is not working properly. Many laptop users even don’t know how to check laptop temperature.

The laptops are used sitting against another surface, soft or hard like a lap or a table; there is hardly any space for the hot air to release. This is one of the reasons why the fan stops working properly over a period and the laptop does not last long.

There is hardly any overheating issue with the desktops because the fan is situated at the back of the system and it allows an unobstructed release of hot air generated by the internal parts.

Do you own a laptop? If yes then you need to know how to check the right temperature of the computer. This will help you know if the system is overheating or not as that may damage the laptop in the long run.

How will you tell the laptop is running on its ideal temperature and is overheating? This can be known when you notice the fan continuously running and the system freezing frequently.

Also, some systems naturally run hot. So, in such a case it is good to check the laptop temperature to know if it is running on the ideal temperature or not.

Why is it important for the laptop to maintain its ideal temperature?

When the system overheats, it causes serious damage to the hard drive and memory. Apart from laptop damage, it can even cause personal harm.

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The heat from the laptop can cause damage to the user’s skin. Many instances have been noted where the user has got minor burns. Your health is not worth risking and so learn how to check laptop temperature. Do not fret, it’s simple!

How to check the laptop temperature?

How To Check Laptop Temperature

Firstly, start by looking for programs on the laptops that check the system temperature automatically.

Most leading manufacturers are installing the software while manufacturing the laptop. You may find this at the bottom of the screen on the right-hand side.

Also, sometimes, the software informs the user if it senses overheating and also suggests the steps to be taken. This depends on the brand of laptop that you have bought. All laptops may or may not have this inbuilt. For instance, in the DELL systems (not all version though) sends a message to the user that the system is overheating and will shut down immediately to cool down.

If you do not have this software pre-installed in your system, do not worry. You can install it whenever you want. Multiple programs are designed to check the temperature of the system and the good news is that most are available for free.

After you have installed the application, it will read the temperature and give the users tips to lower the temperature, if required. The most common measures that can help make a lot of difference in preventing overheating are:

  • Restart the computer.
  • Run fewer programs at a time.
  • Shut down the system for sometime

One of the most commonly used programs to check the temperature of the system is MobileMeter. The best about this program is that it is not only free but also simple to use.

It allows the users to personalize the specifications for the temperature warning or even the thermal zone. The program sends a message to the user as soon as the system reaches that temperature. Not only this, it even keeps a record of the temperature allowing the user to view when the system starts to overheat.  

If you are more technically inclined towards this, then you can even create your temperature probe. It is similar to the thermometer, and all you need to do is slide it into the USB port. After you start using the system, it will detect the temperature and inform you of the exact temperature.

Building and using such a temperature thermometer can be difficult. The drawback of this tool is that it doesn’t notify you if the system starts overheating. Thus, downloading and using the free programs is advised. Another program to help you check the temperature of the laptop is Real Temp.

The Real Temp program is designed mainly to check the system temperature for all the Intel single, dual and quad-core processor laptops. Apart from notifying the user of the overheating problem and the load on the processor, it even shows the safe maximum temperature of the system and how far it is.

Apart from this, the program even tracks the highest as well as lowest temperatures from the time you opened the program.

SpeedFan Window


Use SpeedFan

Another program widely used to check the temperature of the CPU is SpeedFan. This program not only monitors fan speed, processor temperature but can even access S.M.A.R.T. information to check the hard disk’s temperature. This application provides other information as well like charting, graphics and fan control. The program download is a simple text link that is called “SpeedFan 4.52”.

These are not just the programs available to check the temperature of the C.P.U, but there are much more. There are different programs available for various operating systems. Make certain you choose the best one based on your laptop’s operating system.

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