How Long Should a Laptop Last? Is There any Definite Answer?

When you are planning to buy a laptop, there is one thing that might be bothering you before you make an investment is how long should a laptop last? This is one of the most important things that you need to get an answer to before buying the laptop. If you think there is one answer to this, if this is what you are thinking then you are not right.

Life of laptop will depend on a lot of things and many small things will contribute to its function. Together all of these things will decide how long should a laptop last?

There is no way you can know how long the laptops last, but according to the longevity of the similar models, you can get an idea of how long with the system be useful to you before it is broken.

Certain factors make the laptop go a long haul, and the list of those are mentioned below:

List of things that will decide how long should a laptop last?

What damages a laptop over time?

Apart from the obvious incidents, there are a few more things that can harm the longevity of the laptop, and those are:

  • Moisture
  • Humidity
  • Prolonged overheating
  • Temperature
  • Frequent bumps

Cleanliness – Keep your laptop clean

Keep Laptop Clean

One important thing that most people do not consider is keeping your laptop dust free.

Cleaning your laptop regularly is very important. You may not notice this, but dust and dirt do not allow the laptop to work properly.

This is because the dust affects the components and so the system does not work as smoothly as it should.

How long will the processor last?

It’s understandable that you are worried about how long with the system last, on the other hand, the fact is that you would buy a new system before even the processor goes obsolete. But yes, same is the not the case with the gaming laptop.


There are a few to speed up the performance of the processor, and it does not include replacing the processor or even buying the new laptop.

If you are looking out to purchase a new laptop, then make certain that you choose the one having a minimum specification of 4 GB RAM. An 8GB RAM would be a great option for the long term.

How can you make the regular laptop last for a long time?

These essentials have proved to be beneficial for a lot of people but do not guarantee any results. There are two simplest ways to improve extend the life of the laptop, and they are:

  • Replacing the HDD with an SSD
  • Add more RAM

If you buy an old version laptop and make these two inexpensive changes, then the system may work perfectly, even better than how it worked when you bought it. These tips may or may not work for you. It all depends on the other laptop specifications.

Usually, the midrange and specs laptop works for good three years. If you take proper care of it, then it can even work for an additional year or two. There is no doubt that laptops do work perfectly for around five years provided it is taken care of and not damaged in any way.

To understand how to make a system last for a long time, knowing the main reasons why they wear out is important apart from the natural incidents and those mentioned below:

  • Overloading: This is because the laptop has too many procedures running together. This is one of the most important reasons for laptops breaking down too soon.
  • Battery death: The laptop stops working if it is not plugged into an outlet.
  • Overheating: Another common reason to laptop wear out is overheating.
  • Wear and tear: This includes dust stuck in keyboard and USB ports, dropping the system a few times, etc.

To make the system, work correctly for years, you need to take the following steps. Before you carry out these functions, it is vital that regularly perform these as no magic will happen overnight.

Follow the below-given tips to keep the laptop secure, so it can last longer.

  • Delete the unwanted files: one of the best ways to keep the system performing as new is deleting the unwanted files. Keep trashing the files that you do not need for that time. Saving too much on the system will overload it and this does not lead to smooth functioning.
  • Check the applications that are running: Take a moment and look at the applications that are running. This is slow down r even crash your system. Stop the applications running that you do not require.
  • Installing the upgrades: This is one thing that most people skip and you may be, thinking how does this affect the working of the system. Upgraded programs help the system to work smoothly without putting too much pressure.
  • Cool your system down: if you can hear the fan running, then your laptop is sure to have overheating issues. The solution to this is investing in a cooling pad or stand that will reduce overheating problems drastically.
  • Clean the laptop: a dirty laptop will become a broken laptop soon. If dust, food particles or pet hair get stuck inside the keyboard and ports, then the system is likely to break down soon.
  • Antivirus: viruses can be a huge disaster for your system. It can make your system not working the other second when it was working just fine. Instal antivirus to keep the unwanted guests at bay.
  • Place the laptop on the hard surface: Most people working at home place the laptop on their bed or any other soft surface. This is what affects the laptop to a great extent because it blocks the ventilation and thus the right temperature inside the system is not maintained. It is always advised to keep the laptop on a table or any other hard surface.
  • Eject the drive properly: usually, people do not wait for the laptop to give you a command to safely remove the drive, but they just do it as soon as their work is finished. Improper removal of drives may damage the accessories.

The tips are not limited to the ones mentioned above. Make sure you take care of the investment so that it can last you for a long time because it is made to do so.

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