Best Places to Sell Broken Laptops Online – Top 4 Sites

In this article, we are going to share with you guys the best places where that buy broken laptops online. These online sites are the best places to sell broken laptops online if you don’t intend to go in the market and sale it physically on a shop. It also saves your time and you get the best deal for your broken laptop. We earlier published a guide about selling your old working laptop, but here, these below places will accept your broken laptop too.

Most of the times, broken laptops are as useless as they can be. Even if they can work after getting them repaired, the cost of repairing is far more expensive and buying a new laptop instead of repairing the old one seems like the right choice to make. However, with so many online stores and websites claiming to buy your broken laptops, not all of them provide you the best service and rate for your broken notebook. Here are the top places that buy broken laptops online. If you are looking for good deal of brand new laptops under 400$, here is the great place to sell broken laptop around the world

The List of Best Places to Sell Broken Laptops Online

Below online sites will allow you to sell your broken laptops no matter which brand it is, it can be Dell, HP, Compaq…etc.


CasYourLaptop is the first online retailer in the list of best places to sale your broken laptops online. Their service is fast, responsive and they get the job done smoothly. All you have to do is get a quote of your broken laptop. If you like the price, confirm the selling of your broken laptop and ship it. After the receive the shipment, you will be paid either by check or PayPal.

One good thing about CashYourLaptop is that is is certified by Yahoo!, CNET, BBB and YELP. So you can sell your laptops without any hesitation or risk.

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BBTronics is yet another great place to sell your broken laptop online for cash. BBTronics deals in all sorts of broken or dead laptops. All you have to do is go to their website, find the make and model of your laptop, select the condition of your broken or dead laptop and check out. Ship the broken laptop to BBTronics and after assessing the condition of the notebook, they will send the payment for it via check or PayPal.

3) is one of those few websites that accept broken laptops from almost all manufacturers. Asus, Dell, Alienware, Toshiba, HP, Apple, you name it and you will find it on their list. One of the best things about eCycleBest is that they recycle the electronics and follow proper green recycling technologies.

Another great thing about them is that they offer free shipping. You don’t have to pay even a penny when you sale your broken laptops to eCycleBest. All you have to do is fill out an offer form on their website after which they will send an insured, prepaid box with shipping label to your address. Put your laptop in that box and send it back to them.

4) eBay

eBay is currently the best and most secure place to sell your broken or dead laptop online. There are millions of active users on eBay who are willing to pay for anything they need. One of the best things about this platform which separates it from the other online broken laptops buying stores is that on eBay, you can directly sell your laptop to an individual who can repair or it can use certain parts of it.

This, in turn, increase your chances of getting a good deal for your broken laptop. Apart from that, their online payment system is very secure and you can even open a dispute if there’s anything wrong with your deal.

There you go, one of the above site can buy your broken laptop for good price. You can use that money to buy some decent hardware configured laptops for even under 500 US dollars.

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