Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops Under 500 Dollars in 2017- Professional Laptops also Inside

Buying the best and a suitable laptop is always tricky, you have to do proper research about several models and choose the correct one which meets your requirements and budget. Earlier we have published a list of Windows OS laptops under 300 dollars.  Here we list out top 10 best gaming laptops under 500 dollars in 2017 which come with Windows 10. Few of the laptops can suite for gaming too. These cheap and best gaming laptops under 500 dollars come with Intel i5, i3 and AMD processors that can play moderate games. You will see multiple laptops from various famous brands. Though the 500 dollars is not sufficient to get the high-end gaming laptop, we have tried our best to list the top laptops in this price range.

We refined the below top rated laptops under 500 based on good customer feedbacks and number of reviews on Amazon, with latest processors, excellent hardware configuration and best value for your money. Game lovers should consider another list talks about best gaming laptops under 1000 dollars. The price of these laptops change very frequently, by the time you read this review the actual cost would vary, we still hope that it would be in the price range of under 500 dollars.

Review of Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops Under 500 Dollars in 2017

Lenovo G50 – 15 Inch 6GB RAM Laptop

Lenovo G50

An i3 processor Lenovo laptop from this price range. 6 GB RAM is the highlight of the laptop.  As usual, Lenovo has an excellent built, quality, and you can see the same solid laptop here. DDR3 RAM with 1366×768 screen resolutions available. Though it will not suite for high-end gaming, defiantly it is the regular option for professional and home usage under 500 dollars. This is not a touch screen laptop, but for IBM and Lenovo fans, this could be a great deal! Expected battery life is 5 hours which is not that great. Also, it comes with 1 USB 3.0 port.

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Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM 15.6-Inch Full HD

Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM

Here is the latest 7th generation processor laptop under 500 (in fact under 400 dollars as on writing this review). It is a new model in the market, but it has already captured the attentions and the good review from Amazon. It comes with the 7th generation i3 2.4 GHz speed. It is a Full HD laptop, so definitely you are going to enjoy the clarity of the movies, games and even other on video editing stuff. 1TB hard disk is well enough to store your files on the cheap gaming laptop under 500. The RAM 4GB could be not enough for some of the high specification applications, but you can always upgrade the RAM to match with the 7th generation Intel processor. Up to 12 hours battery life is a great feature you must consider while selecting this laptop.

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HP 15-G012DX

HP 15-G012DX

One of the best gaming laptop under 500 you can buy. This laptop is powered by AMD processor (Quad-Core A8-6410) and accelerated with Radeon R5 graphics. The R5 series graphics from Radeon provides superior gaming experience and image quality on the laptop. The 4GB DDR3 RAM and 750 GB are good for the price of this laptop. Screen size is similar to other models in this review, it is 15.6 inches. It is a great deal for AMD processor and R5 graphics for this price.

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HP Premium High-Performance Premium 15.6 Inch Business Laptop Quad Core AMD A6-7310

HP AMD A6-7310

Another HP laptop which specifically built for gaming in the best price below 500 dollars. It is the new model that has eye-catching hardware configuration for gaming requirement. It comes with AMD Quad-Core processor which can be booted to 2.4GHz. DDR3 1600MHz 8GB RAM and 128Gb SSD hard disk are other important factors in this laptop. As of now, it is priced under 400 dollars which is excellent for a person who is looking for the best gaming laptop under 500 dollars. VGA display is something you should consider here if you are looking the for full-fledged gaming laptop. But when you pay below 400 dollars, then you should compromise yourself and play only regular games on this laptop.

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2017 Newest Dell Inspiron 15.6″ FHD Touchscreen

2017 Newest Dell Inspiron FHD Touchscreen

The latest release in 2017 with positive feedback from customers. 6th generation i5 processor laptop with 1TB HDD is the great combination for this low price under 500. The full HD with the good resolution of 1920 x 1080 would make the screen better for your gaming, multimedia, and even regular computer usage.  Intel HD Graphics 520 has some good feedback from Notebookcheck site that is included in this new Dell Inspiron model. Graphics card shares the RAM which is acceptable for the price you are going to pay. 8GB RAM with 1600MHz speed is fair enough to cope up with the latest programs and ordinary games. A stylish and quality laptop for cheap price.

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Newest HP 15.6 Inch High Performance Laptop

Newest HP 15.6 Inch High Performance LaptopThe best part of this laptop is 256GB SSD and DDR4 RAM compared to other models. Though the price is slightly higher than 500 dollars, but it is really a better deal to invest in this laptop. You will be getting amazing performance and disk I/O (Read and write) and quick OS boot on this laptop. Processor is 6th generation i5 with speed of 2.3GHz. 8GB RAM DDR4 RAM should be good enough for all Windows 10, applications and games. This comes with Intel HD Graphics 520 which is good display card for a laptop to keep the power consumption low. HP claims that battery life will last for 9 hours and their display with LED-backlit Anti-Glare should be super cool on this laptop.

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HP Probook 455 15.6-Inch 16GB RAM Gaming Laptop Under 500

HP 16Gb RAM gaming laptop under 500

Looking for higher capacity RAM laptop? here is the one for you. You are going to get a laptop with 16GB DDR3 RAM just under 500 dollars. Surprisingly it comes with 1TB hard disk too. AMD processor with speed up to 3.2 GHz and and RadeonTM R6 graphics are good part for gamers on this laptop.  If you are an AMD and Radeon graphics fan, this laptop is for you. 16GB is really a great deal and you could use this laptop for next 5 years without upgrading the RAM.

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Lenovo Ideapad 310 15.6″ Laptop

Lenovo Ideapad 310
Available in several configuration, but the initial configuration took the place in our list as one of the best gaming laptop under 500 dollars. As usual Lenovo’s build quality is visible in this laptop. Solid build and finishing. Hardware configuration of this laptop is not at all bad. Guess what? it comes with 12GB RAM and AMD processor which basically good for gaming. With 1TB Hard disk, this laptop is having great combination of hardware for gaming and professional use. Lenovo claims that this is a good laptop for streaming and video work– that really indicates the suitability of gaming.

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Lenovo High Performance Premium Laptop – 17 inch gaming laptop under 500

Lenovo 17.3 screen size laptop under 500

Why to play games on smaller screen size? here is a 17 inch laptop for gaming under 500 dollars. AMD quad core A8 processor and Radeon R5 graphics are highlights of this laptop, or course the 17.3-inch screen size. The 4GB RAM may not enough for recent games, but you have the option to upgrade whenever needed. A8 processor from AMD is the 6th generation processor that can do the computing well. 1TB hard disk and vibrant video and audio are the key factors on this laptop.

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HP 15-ay013nr

HP 15-ay013nr best gaming laptop under 500

Another full-HD laptop with SSD drive for better gaming performance. HP 15-ay013nr comes with 6th generation i7 processor turbo boost up to 2.8GHz. It is an excellent Full-HD laptop with 8GB RAM for gaming, video and business use. HP claims that battery will stay up to 7 hours with these all configuration. Thanks to SSD disk for faster I/O of disk, and quick boot of Operating System and programs. It comes with Intel HD Graphics 520 with up to 4GB total graphics memory. The weight of the laptop also less compared to other laptops in this price range.

Last update was on: July 17, 2018 5:04 am

We hope one of the above laptops will match your requirements to make the purchase decision easy. We will be updating this review list of top 10 best gaming laptops under 500 dollars in 2017 that can have Windows 8.1/7 and latest Windows 10 as primary Operating Systems.