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[Geek’s Choice] Best Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse

While almost every computer-geek is cognizant of the importance or functions or a mouse, there might not be enough who would even know its history or specific variants. Talking about which, the computer mouse got its first ever public demonstration back in 1968. Although it was originally developed as a wired device, however, over the period, it has undergone several evolutions, making it cordless. Furthermore, in most of the mice, the roller has also been replaced by advanced optical sensors that execute every command perfectly. We will review the best budget wireless gaming mouse in this article.

While there were only a handful of mice back then, today, you can find one for every sort of work. Considering this, for game-lovers, there is a whole wide range of gaming mouse. Meant specifically for computer games, these mice generally come with several buttons and controls, making them a bit different from the traditional mice.

Especially, if you are a fan of real-time games, like StarCraft, Minecraft, GTA you will surely find a lot of options. However, when you have a lot of options on hand, it becomes a bit difficult to choose the best one, right?

Editor’s Top 7 Best Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse Selection for you

For a person who is quite a game-enthusiast, everything needs to be perfect. If you are the one from the lot as well, you’d know how difficult it is to compromise with even the little thing when it comes to playing games.

In such a scenario, since traditional mice may not provide you with superior performance and pack-in gaming experience, having the best budget wireless gaming mouse can surely fulfill all your requirements. However, to select the best one for your exhilarating experience, you should first figure out your preferences, budget, and what are you looking for in features.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while buying a gaming mouse is how you are going to use it – whether you just want it for games or some on and off Personal Computer tasks as well.

Your selected mouse should provide you sturdy grip, so you better make sure that it would fit perfectly in your hand. For this, you can check out palm grip, tip grip, and claw grip. Furthermore, have a look at features, such as DPI, wired or wireless, weight, etc.

So, here is the list of top 7 gaming wireless mouse that will provide you never-forgettable experience with your favorite games.

VicTsing 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse

VicTsing 2 4G Wireless Gaming Mouse

First in the list is this high-grade wireless mouse by VicTsing. Being one of the best of its kind, this mouse comes with five different adjustable DPI switch levels, such as 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, and 2400. With these different levels, switching the mouse speed would be quite easier for you.

Furthermore, this mouse has been integrated with Two-way wireless transmission technologywhich makes it ultra-fast and provides seamless usage. Keeping the precision in mind, the company has made it competent enough to work even from the approximate 30 ft. of height.

The buttons available on the left and right side don’t make enough noise upon clicking. Hence, you can even use this mouse in public places without any hassles. Owing to its advanced energy-saving chip, this mouse comprises multiple power saving modes and even consumes lesser power.

Thanks to its ability to adapt different surfaces, you can make this mouse workout almost everywhere. VicTsing has made it compatible enough; hence, it works well with different versions of Windows and Mac.

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E-Blue Mazer II 2500 DPI Wireless Gaming Mouse

E Blue Mazer II 2500 DPI

Moving further down the list, another amazing gaming mouse that you can consider is this one. The mouse has got an upgraded design, and you can now get it with a rubberized scroll wheel that has been integrated with LED illumination.

Its superior design and contour can literally get it an accolade for the best ergonomic mouse. If you are a right-handed gamer, this mouse would totally fit your requirements. This device also comes with adjustable dots per inch (DPIs) switch that you can change from 500, 1200, 1800, to 2500 – depending on your requirements.

It has also been integrated with high-performance optical gaming chipset; therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry about its up-to-the-par output and performance. For precise tracking level, the mouse even comes with high 3000 frame rate.

Designed with high-quality material, buttons available on this mouse provides a lifespan of 5 million clicks. Although it is a wireless mouse, however, you can still connect it to your computer with a USB cord.

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Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse

best budget wireless gaming mouse - Logitech G602

Generally, gamers are always choosy about their gears. And, there are good reasons to be, as well. In a situation when you look for nothing but reliability in equipment, this best Logitech mouse provides you just that.

This wireless gaming mouse is not just reliable enough but also provides precision with long battery life and a gamut of programmable buttons.

This one is a right-handed mouse and is manufactured with an alluring ergonomic design. On the left side of the mouse, there are six programmable buttons that you can easily access with your thumb. If you are busy playing an engrossing game, like Minecraft, or any other one, these buttons will help you perfectly as they have raised faces and you’d be able to differentiate between them easily.

Durable and sturdy, all of the buttons on this mouse can survive up to 20 million clicks. Running on the battery, you can either use this mouse with single AA battery or a couple of them. If you are using the single battery, you can use the mouse for almost 125 hours. Upon using the double battery, you can easily run this mouse for up to 250 hours.

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PICTEK Wireless Gaming Mouse [Silent Click] 2.4G Cordless Computer PC Gaming Mouse

PICTEK Wireless Gaming Mouse [Silent Click] 2 4G

At the end of the list is this attractive-looking mouse by PICKTEK. It comes with five different levels of DPIs, such as 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, and 2400. There are two buttons for DPI on the mouse that you can use to adjust the level of speed, consistency, and accuracy.

The mouse also provides fast data transmission speed up to 15m and 50ft. Not just the buttons are durable but noiseless as well. These buttons are sturdy enough to survive up to 5 million clicks.

Also, this mouse even has an auto-sleeping function. It automatically goes into the sleep mode if not used for 8 minutes just to save energy. It’s easier to wake it up – all you’d have to do is click any button.

With this mouse, you wouldn’t even have to worry about the compatibility part as this device can work seamlessly with Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can even use it for Notebook, Laptop, PC, Macbook, Computer, and other devices.

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UHURU Wireless Gaming Mouse Up to 7200 DPI

UHURU Wireless Gaming Mouse

UHURU brings up another best of the best budget wireless gaming mouse. Coming with five different levels of DPI, this mouse gives you the advantage of adjusting the speed however you like, just with a button available below the scroll wheel. 

This gaming mouse offers wireless transmission for up to 50ft, hence, using it is nothing but a plain-sailing. While you are busy playing your favorite game, be it World of Warcraft, League of Legends, or any other one – the mouse takes care of the stability aspect.

On the top of that, UHURU has put seven different LED light colors to this mouse. While you’ll be captivated in your game or work, you wouldn’t have to compromise with one pale color as the mouse will keep changing it automatically.

And then, the mouse contains six different programmable buttons. You can program these buttons by simply installing driver software. This one is a rechargeable mouse; therefore, you can use it for hours altogether.

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Zelotes F14 Professional Blue LED 2400 DPI 9 Buttons USB 2.4G Optical Wireless Gaming Mouse

Zelotes F14 Professional Blue LED 2400 DPI Mouse

Another best wireless mouse for gaming is this one that comes with intelligent connectivity. It comes with a receiver that you’d have to plug to the USB port of your computer and you will be ready to use it without any hassles. 

Compatible with 7, 8, 10, and XP versions of Windows along with Linux and more, this mouse can even work well with Macbook and many other devices. Zelotes has made it with a superior quality power saving chip. Hence, you can save up to 5 times power as compared to other normal mice.

Integrated with an attractive backlight LED, this mouse provides reliable connection even up to the distance of 15m. Moreover, this mouse provides 7-keys, meant for different functioning. You can even adjust the DPI accordingly up to 600, 1000, 1600, and 2400. With this, even the speed of the mouse would be in your hands. 

It has adopted 2.4 GHz wireless technology; therefore, the mouse is powerful enough to handle your gaming exhilaration.

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VEGCOO C10 Wireless Gaming Mouse Rechargeable Silent Optical Mouse

VEGCOO C10 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Who wouldn’t like owning a mouse that changes colors? It will surely make your user-experience even more thrilling, isn’t it? That’s exactly what this mouse by VEGCOO does. It comes with seven color schemes; therefore, you can have different glowing colors whenever you use it.

Since it is integrated with 2.4GHz wireless technology, the mouse offers quite a stable connection between the receiver and your device. Furthermore, it is even manufactured with the sensitive optical sensor, which offers free and precise movement.

One of the best aspects of this mouse is that both the buttons present on the left and right side are silent, preventing you from sharp and unnecessary sounds. The mouse has an inbuilt 600 mAh Lithium rechargeable battery. It even comes with a USB charging cable; hence you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of the power.

It has got a curvy design, which is quite easy to handle. Made with soft materials, this mouse wouldn’t be a problem with your hands.


Of course, when you look out for the best budget wireless gaming mouse out in the market, you’d come across a lot of options. In such a scenario, it becomes really tough to choose the best, isn’t it? Therefore, whenever you decide to buy a gaming mouse, make sure you keep your requirements in mind before you take the plunge.

Not just you should consider the design and contour, but pay attention to the features as well, including DPIs, buttons, compatibility devices, and more. Depending upon these requirements and keeping the options mentioned above in mind, select the best and appropriate mouse for your gaming needs.

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